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Even with a half black/half white President, Hollywood is still Hollywood and some things just never change.

It seems like the only way that a black actress can get cast in a major mainstream role is if their leading man is white. Take a look back at some notable black woman x white man collabos on the big screen... Thomas Howell & Rae Dawn Chong • Nevermind the black face or the affirmative action bashing'there's one thing that we couldn't understand about this horribly offensive '80s flick.

But when Calogero falls for his African-American classmate, Jane (Taral Hicks), the repercussions threaten the entire neighborhood.

Actor Lillo Brancato has booked his first acting job since being released from prison late last year, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

Armento shot Enchautegui, striking him in the chest, but the officer was able to return fire, hitting Armento four times and Brancato twice.“While Steven Armento was convicted of murder, Lillo Brancato was only convicted of attempted burglary.

However, there is no question that Brancato’s actions contributed directly to death of a police officer,” Kelly wrote in his letter.“Given Brancato’s role in Officer Enchautegui’s murder, I believe his release will send the wrong message to the general public and law enforcement personnel.”Brancato learned of his early release in late November.

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Michael Bregman, the son of "Scarface" producer Martin Bregman, is directing the video featuring rapper Melle Mel.The actor, who had a bit part on “The Sopranos,” spent nearly 10 years in prison for an attempted robbery that led to the shooting death of off-duty NYPD officer Daniel Enchautegui. 10, 2005, Brancato and Steven Armento tried to break into a Bronx home.Enchautegui heard the commotion from his own home and responded, identifying himself as an officer and ordering the pair to stop.When they were getting busy, didn't his girl notice that he was (2001) Billy Bob Thorton & Halle Berry • If Halle wasn't so goddamn bad, we would have never forgiven her for getting savaged by Billy Bob.

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Could you imagine a movie where Denzel gets his Mr. Well, we can definitely (2008) Patrick Wilson & Kerry Washington • We were gonna get mad about this one...

2 hr 2 min Follow the movie on Facebook Plot Summary As he grows into a teenager on the streets of the Bronx in the socially turbulent 1960s, Calogero (Lillo Brancato) gets taken under the wing of neighborhood mobster Sonny (Chazz Palminteri).