Dating the genetic bottleneck of the america cheetah

14-Nov-2017 14:24

Genetic basis for species vulnerability in the cheetah. For a more detailed explanation of the different To L page types, have a look at the Structure of the Tree of Life page.

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We demonstrate that these extant Iranian cheetahs are an autochthonous monophyletic population and the last representatives of the Asiatic subspecies We advocate that conservation strategies should consider the uncovered independent evolutionary histories of Asiatic and African cheetahs, as well as among some African subspecies.

This low genetic variability is considered to be the result of a bottleneck at the end of the Pleistocene [10 000–12 000 years ago (ya); O’Brien 1987; Menotti-Raymond & O’Brien 1993; O’Brien & Johnson 2005] and has been offered as a possible explanation for the population decline.

However, there is little evidence of inbreeding depression in wild cheetahs (Caro & Laurenson 1994).

Intersection of population genetics and species conservation: The cheetah's dilemma.

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Tears of the Cheetah and Other Tales from the Genetic Frontier. Cheetahs, the fastest animals on Earth, narrowly escaped extinction at the end of the latest ice age, according to American researchers who have carried out a genetic analysis.

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